Collage A Day

A Collage A Day
In order to jump start my creative batteries I am creating a mixed media collage piece to post every day. It's all about "upcycled" paper that would otherwise end up in a landfill. And I'm also hoping to generate a smile or two. I’m fascinated by language and am often inspired by oxymorons, onomatopoeia and odd turns of phrase as you can see by my titles. I enjoy giving new life and meaning to rejected and neglected items. Disparate images are juggled and juxtaposed from within my vast palette of old papers and ephemera.

Artist Statement



History, memory, dreams, imagination and the reflexive pursuit of knowledge are essential to my creative process. Old books, maps and papers fascinate me in the way that old people do. They become richer and more fully realized with the passage of time, bearing visible traces of their pasts and possessing secrets, mysteries and stories that are more vital than those imprinted upon them when they were new. Collecting venerable discards and incorporating them with my drawings, calligraphy and prints in order to endow them with new life and meaning based upon my own experience and understanding is what refer to as ”re-membering”.